Wednesday, February 20, 2013

2013 so far .....

Thought I'd give a wee update on how 2013's gone so far and what i have planned at the moment for the year ahead. In terms of previous years, 2013's got off to a flying start (with the exception of 2009 - I have NO IDEA what happened that year !) -

I've only listed the miles up to June as I generally stop running for months after the West Highland Way. In the case of 2011 I stopped for around 18 months !

Not running the WHW this year, still fancy getting a 5th goblet one day though. Instead I plan to run a few shorter ultras and spread them through the year to try and keep my interest in running going through the back end of the year.

At the start of February I ran my first race as a veteran, the Forfar multi-terrain 1/2 Marathon. And to wind me up my race number reminded me of my younger days .... :( -

I finished in 1:41:19, which was a bit disappointing, but my good old creaky hamstrings stopped me stretching out for the last few miles, even though my lungs would've let me. And the course is usually a bit wet & slippy but this year was exceptional - 

This is normally a path but it was freezing cold, & thigh deep, shoe coming off in it didn't help either !!

Other races entered for the year are the D33 on 16 March, then on 17 March Kim and I have entered the Alloa half marathon - yikes. I'm running it to support Kim, so hopefully I should be ok, and I'm hoping the miles on tired legs might be beneficial - will let you know on the 18th !!!

Had hoped to run the Fling, but I was too late and both it & the waiting list are full & closed. Other races identified that I'm contemplating -

1. Larig Grhu on 30 June - always fancied this, but it has always clashed with the WHW

2. Speyside Way on 24 August - again, this looks like a great bit of the world to run through and as it follows the Spey to the sea it must surely be all downhill !!

3. Glen Ogle 33 Novemberish - this would give me something to keep training for.....

That's probably enough for one year, knowing me I might not end up doing any of them. Hopefully a good year this year will set me up for a decent year in 2014, might even try the WHW again .....

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