Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Well, that's it .....

My taper's been going well (i.e. I've been doing very little !!) On Friday I did my normal Ballo Hill run, taking 79mins but cut a couple of the hairpins, then yesterday I did 20 miles on the bike and tonight I ran a very, very gentle 7 miles in 58 mins.

My last couple of runs have been at a very easy pace as I have been trying to get myself in a relaxed running mode to prevent me going out too fast, my first year I went very easy and made up loads of places in the last quarter and that's the way I want to run on Saturday.

I may do a wee 2-3 miler in a couple of days but unlikely so here is my monthly mileage for the year. May looks a bit low, but my last big run just crept in to June. Either way I've run almost 3 times the miles for May & June compared to last year,that's because last year I only did 3 runs between the Fling and the Big Race (2 x 7.5ml & 1 x 43 mile) - what was I thinking !!

I haven't done ANY preparation for Saturday so the next couple of days I anticipate will be frantic, but I'm sure I'll find time to record some random ponderings and musings.

If not Good Luck to everyone taking part and to the support crews, your help is so much appreciated !

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